Gallery FAQ: Why no photos from up on Stack?

With Stack beginning this week, time to answer one of the questions I get the most... Why no photos from up on Stack?

Answer: I believe that the view from Stack is an extraordinary privilege, and one that is not soon forgotten. It takes a lot of work and time to get a chance to get up on Stack - checking wire and running supersets as upper leadership, in the swings, or wiring the last logs. I want the first that anyone sees that view to be with their own eyes. And I want that view to be aspirational, gained by no other means than great effort.

I bet I'd get a lot of views on photos from up on Stack. I've taken photos into and down on Perimeter from the boom lift that I am very happy with. They were widely shared. I'm sure photos from on Stack would prove even more popular. But for all the scenes I aim to present every year, the view from up on Stack is simply not mine to share.