When the old on-campus Bonfire veterans make their way back off-campus for the first time, they usually like to compare notes. They ask questions and talk shop, seeking and finding important connections between this present and their past.

And then… “You have got to be kidding me!” They’ve spotted Dwight. Dwight is a cherished relic from Bonfire’s years on-campus. There is no mechanism beyond his expertise. He misses no opportunity to contribute. Part Methuselah, part Rube Goldberg, all heart, he is one of Bonfire’s unique charms.

Deeply loyal to and ever concerned for participants, he is charitable with his time and talents, and his “Bonfire Beer,” those always-cold root beers for hot, dusty shifts. Alcohol is strictly forbidden at off-campus Bonfire. But Bonfire Beer is always on tap. Of course, a Bonfire Beer just isn’t a Bonfire Beer unless it’s offered from Dwight, making it a privilege of sorts.

In this and many other uniquely simple ways, Dwight connects this generation’s Bonfire to its roots, while helping it develop an identity of its own.


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