New Features

The Gallery has been quietly adding new features. Everything has been designed to bring the experiences, memories, and Spirit closer. Enjoy!

“Computer Vision” and Search

Every photo in the Gallery has been analyzed using the latest technologies, custom-tailored for the Gallery. Find photos by content, text, and even mood. Here’s one to get you started: a search for “dog” that turns up ACes. Finding photos has never been easier. Registered users can quickly add photos to their personal albums directly from search results. What’s a “personal album”? Good question…

Personal Albums

An album curated by Michael Buckley '17

Curate collections of your favorite photos with personal photo albums. Just like Gallery albums, your personal album can be viewed as a fullscreen slideshow. Send a link to your family and buddies. Show your Deads what their old Crew is up to. Make a season retrospective. Or get ready for recruitment.

Just log in or register today to get started.


Let’s be honest. “Computer Vision” might be cool, but a computer has no idea what a tree-lean indicator is. But you do! Registered members can click to tag photos. Your input helps tell the stories, and helps others learn about this unique experience.

I hope you’ll enjoy all these new features, and many others you’ll find in the Gallery. If you have any questions, drop me a line any time at