Recipe for Chips

Howdy, Ags. Welcome to another page from the Bonfire Cookbook. It’s actually the first installment. And the title still needs work. Anyway. This time of year the motivated Fightin’ Texas Aggie is well on their way to being an expert in the Bonfire kitchen.  But with new participants rolling into the Woods every week, there are always folks eager to learn. This week, we’ll cover a classic.

Howdy Dion, How do I make chips?

I’m really glad you asked, person who is totally real and not made up who totally asked that question in real life.  Here’s the Bonfire recipe for chips:

  1. Set axe to 45 degrees
    45 degrees
  2. Swing
  3. Set axe to 90 degrees
    90 degrees
  4. Swing

Serves: 2017

And this has been another page from the Bonfire Cookbook.  Have a super secret Bonfire recipe you’d like to see illustrated?  Head to the comments with your requests.


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